The Power of Love


Prerequisite Mystery School 1 – 3

with Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne

The core of our being is the power of love.

The power of love is a deep mystery through which all life comes to know itself and which, through our fulfillment, comes the transformation of the world. In this internship, you enter into a mentoring relationship with us, with spirit, with the cohort, with yourself as the power of love, and with life itself.

Your life is perfectly made to teach you the ways and means of the power of love.

Our habit is to reach out with our intellect in order to understand. This ability has its place. The power of love is already living as us within us, so there is nothing to understand in the intellectual sense to which we are accustomed. The teaching manifests directly through awakening. As we increase in our capacity to use all things in our lives to transform ourselves into loving, the transforming of our world into loving takes place. Our speech, deeds, relationships, professions and presence becoming increasingly transformative and congruent with the power of love. In this way, success and fulfillment in your life takes place. In order to be a teacher and in order to fulfill our lives, we must become the mystery. In that, our intellect finds its place and serves the greater love. Our intellect is then blessed by the intelligence of living love through which we find our way.

Signing up for a mentorship with us starts a process, a movement of consciousness. Signing up is an intention. Beyond all and within all is the everywhere present loving that when you engage, you are engaged by all love, and all creative forces that are loyal to that love. When you look out at the great wonder of life, it looks back. When you move, it moves and plays back your life mirror in the totality of your perfection. Of course, much of that to start with, is a lot of stuff that needs resolution, forgiveness and transformation. The fast track is awakening first, to the power of love.

Initially, we were looking for a succinct way to state the purpose of this internship. After a few months of the right words alluding us, we decided to take a different approach. We came to the realization that it was our internship too. We knew that your inspired vision, in the form of a project, would be a microcosm through which the greater purpose of your life would unfold.  The same would be true for us of course. When we looked at the course of our lives and all our actions, the impetus has been social transformation, changing the world into a more loving place that honored the wholeness and the sanctity of individuals.

For Robert, in the sixties that was through political change through the civil rights movement, which was change from the outside in. Out of that action came the realization that transformative change comes from the inside out. For Karey, it was service learning (learning through the action of doing service) and her peace classes called “Peace From the Inside Out.” Liberation within the individual reflexively resulted in liberation in the world. We found that our projects were our teachers, crucibles through which we resolved our limitations and awoke to the greater purpose of Spirit. For that reason, your personal project is a guiding force in the internship process. Success in the world wants to reflect liberation in the soul. A corollary teacher unfolds through the interaction with the individuals and communities in which we pursue our goals. Inner fulfillment and outer success are in a reflexive relationship, a dance between the mirror of life and of the power of love.  We recruit every obstacle as a stepping stone to success.

We may believe we are single actors. This is never true. Though our alignment with the power of loving is singular within us, we are always a team with others and with Spirit. We are co-creators. We explore the mystery of action by team learning, in visible and invisible cohorts. Learning is a service process. When the actualization of the Power of Love is the underlying authority for what we do, all that we do becomes service to ourselves, service to each other, service to the world, and service to each other.

Participation in the three Mystery School modules formed a solid foundation for the Internship. The modules also provide a means to further study the mystery school process as a teaching/learning experience. From this experience you have an awareness of how Spirit works through the energy dynamics of the individual and the group supporting the transformational process. You experienced how shifts in energy reflected  the changes and how that resonated as vicarious learning in the group. Over and over again, you saw that through the sequence of presence, engaging what is, seeing what you notice, and dialoguing based on what you noticed, that issues resolve and realization occurs. With this preparation, returning to the modules provides an opportunity to make a deeper study of the facilitation process from the teacher and learner perspective.

So what is this internship about? Ultimately the answer to that question will reveal itself through the internship experience. The implication is that based on your experience with us thus far, you find value in our mentorship, in style and in content. We join with a capacity to assist you in your self-mentorship in the ways and means of the power of love. All our endeavors will serve the one purpose of a deeper realization of the truth, purpose and application of self as the power of love.

Most of all consider that this internship is a journey into the unknown. Is the depth and potential of the power of love infinitely beyond our comprehension and experience? From our perspective, life based on conscious beings living present as the power of love, and the nature of reality that that implies, is a journey not yet taken by human kind. As we proceed, we might well ask, what are we and what will we become? The structures and goals laid out may well be just a way to begin. So, we begin with an invitation into the knowable unknown as a discovery of our true being, our place in the holiness of life and the implications of that discovery to life.

Our ideal structure for the internship:

  • A 6 member cohorts meets over 12 month period.

  • There will be 3 in-person meetings: orientation, mid-point, capstone. These meetings will be 2 days.

  • We will meet every 2 weeks by Skype for 3 hours, except when there is an in-person meeting. Skype meetings are cohort specific.

  • Participants are encouraged to attend classes given by Robert or Karey, i.e., mystery school, peace, etc., for a 1/3 the listed tuition for the class during the internship year.

  • Each participant brings an inspired project to the internship. The project can range from a business, service, educational, practice, personal health, or quality of life. At the orientation in-person meeting, the cohort process will assist you to clarify and focus your project.

  • By sharing facilitation, Karey and I can maximize our participation. One or both of us will facilitate each meeting.   


·       Enrollment is selective. In choosing participants, we will give preference to  the order of applications received. However, we will also consider choosing participants based on our experience with you, the statement of your intention, and an interview.  

·       To be considered for this year’s cohort, we need to receive your application. Through the interview and acceptance process, we will also determine the meeting schedule.

·       Apply online or mail your completed registration form with $500 deposit to 41 Verano Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508,  when it is received an interview will be scheduled.


·       Tuition is $1,000 per month for the twelve month internship.

·       When you pay up front, tuition for the twelve months is $11,250.

·       A $500 deposit is due with application. On acceptance the deposit applies to tuition. In the event an application is not accepted, deposit is returned. The date of registration is when we receive you application and deposit.


·       505-466-8385



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