Mystery School Retreat: Power of Love


Mystery School Retreat: Power of Love

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The first cause is the consciousness of remembrance when we were one with the creative impulse that gave form to creation and self-awareness to our creativity. Our soul’s journey increasingly incased us in the density of our reflected self as ego, our unity with creation became unconscious. By awakening to the first cause, we restore in us the ancient wisdom: the ways and means of the power of love, and, by so doing, have the opportunity to resolve and transform our creations and live life from the grace of mature love. 

Location: La Veta, CO

Schedule: Beginning 10 am on Thursday, 9:30 am Friday through Sunday ending at 4:00 pm on Sunday. We recommend arriving in La Veta on Wednesday evening.

Tuition: $850 Standard, $750 Pre-register 30 days in advance. 

Refund policy: All 4 day classes requires a $200-non-refundable deposit that is applied to the tuition. All remaining money paid can be credited towards another class.

Prerequisite: Mystery School I, 2, & 3

Lodging: $50 per night, per person, at the Adagio house (first come first served). See the La Veta Chamber of Commerce Web-site for other accommodations.

Location of Adagio Center- 818 South Oak Street La Veta, CO


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