Surfing the Tsunami

 with Robert Waterman and Karey Thorne


Los Angeles, CA

June 9th and June 10th 2018

As the wave of change sweeps the planet our habitual self is searching for solid ground to preserve what is comfortable and safe. As “surfers” we will land on the shores of the “new day and new dawn”. Deep changes will occur in the unconscious that will generate great movements in the depth of humanity.  As you stand on the beach remember that the wave approaching is your soul. We will explore and learn tools to transform the habitual self and establish soul skills for surfing in this reality. We invite you to open to the discovery that the “Tsunami” is a gentle wave of love washing away the anomalies of time.

Early Bird Tuition: $425 if paid by April 10th
Tuition After April 10th: $500

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