The Reflexive Power of Soul


Webinar with Robert Waterman

When we talk about ancient promises of a “golden age” or a “new heaven and new earth,” though inspiring, we are often bewildered as to how this will come about. As we sense into the invisible dimensions, we awaken to the ability to collaborate with our possible future. We will explore the perspectives and practices that awaken within us the reflexive power of the soul. We will learn to read the signs of the times and look past the surface of chaos and despair into the deeper process of transformation. We will journey into reality using the guiding intelligence that the essential driving force in life is that love will have its way. Guiding questions: In what way is my life purposeful? Can I make sense of the world that I find myself in? What can I do about it? Class will include meditations and relevant activities.

We meet for two hours twice a month. Each class begins with a topical seminar, followed by Q & A.

We Are The Promise
April 11th

Sign of the Times
April 25th

Ways and Means of The Power of Love
May 9th

Radical Presence
May 23rd

Engaging the World
June 6th

Zoom meeting: I will send a Zoom link 10 minutes before each class

Time: Tuesday, 7:30 to 9:30 pm, MST.

Tuition: $375 Couples: $375 + $150 (for partner) $525

Must sign up by Sunday, April 9th.

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