Module 2: Changing Beliefs


Module 2: Changing Beliefs

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We practice our transcendental alignment to unconditional love as a means of transforming the beliefs and thought forms that limit our reality and distort our understanding of who we are. At this point, we are well aware of ourselves as energy and can resolve our fantasy living and false self programing. By changing beliefs, we change the information that informs our reality. In this way, we more fully understand remedy through reality change.


Schedule: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30 am to 6:00 pm & Sunday 9:30 am to 4 pm.

Tuition New Mexico:

$850 Standard + $60.60 NM Gross Receipts Tax

$750 Pre-register 30 days in advance + $53.45 NM Gross Receipts Tax

Audit: $575  + $41.00 tax in New Mexico, $640 outside of New Mexico

Tuition for locations outside of Santa Fe:

$950 Standard

$850 Pre-register 30 days in advance.

Refund policy: All 4 day classes requires a $200-non-refundable deposit that is applied to the tuition. All remaining money paid can be credited towards another class.

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