Substance Use As Related to Taking Classes from Karey and Robert
November 4, 2015

 In these times the question of alcohol and drug use is of the utmost importance to your interest in participating in the Mystery School and other classes that we offer. The use of consciousness altering drugs such as marijuana (including medical marijuana), cocaine, psychedelics, “uppers” and  “downers” and alcohol abuse are incompatible with study with us in the Mystery Schools and other classes that we offer. The continued use of plant medicines such as mescaline, peyote, or ayahuasca is also incompatible with the Mystery School. There is generally no conflict with conventional prescribed drugs or most over the counter medications. We have no judgment concerning you relationship any substance; however, you do need this information when evaluating your participation in Mystery School or one of our classes. 

Moderate alcohol use seems to be neutral in terms of aligning our lives with our deepest spirituality. Alcohol opens the aura and the subtly loosens our energetic coherency. The same attributes of drinking that makes us more sociable caused us to spend extra time and effort clearing our fields. So, the key here is whether your use is one of moderation or dependency, which, understandably, is sometimes difficult to discern. When alcohol possesses you and dominates your life to the point that it is who you are, the only spirituality is that you are living out a karmic experience. When you are finished, you turn again to your higher power. When you are ready to move on from the addiction, the Mystery School can be a progressive experience for you. 

The use of marijuana is actually a more crucial concern for our work. With the increasing legalization for recreational and medical purposes, and a generation that considers casual marijuana use the same as an occasional or social alcohol use, marijuana use is a major concern for anyone who wants to pursue spiritual studies with us. Whereas, moderate alcohol use cycles out of our systems in a few days, marijuana use does not. It forms a sticky substance in our field that creates a psychic and psychological attachment. Even with mild use our consciousness is altered and our perception is distorted. As we use, we increasingly live through illusion. This can be deceptive because on the physical level we may seem to be functioning better than with alcohol use. Marijuana causes a density that blocks the true self from expression and inhibits the flow of higher spiritual frequencies. When we rationalize that marijuana use is compatible with spiritual development, we produce illusions or fantasy experiences that we believe are true. Our field becomes porous and any attempt to build the light is readily lost, like water through a sieve. One way we have seen this work is that a student will make progress in one class, use, and the next time we see them their aura is flat. We continue to lose ground, as we believe we are building consciousness. This is a tragic situation for us if we believe we are blending our drug use with actual spiritual growth. The only growth comes when we realize that we are mistaken and stop using the drug. In the meantime, please understand that we have no judgment about your use. This is information you need when you decide to participate in our courses. When you do decide to quit using, we can rebuild through physical exercise, disciplined activity, spiritual healing. Because, in most cases, there is not actual structural damage from marijuana, as can occur with LSD, once you stop, and engage your will to higher consciousness, the light can help clear the drug and we can rebuild the destructive effect of the drug.
In short then, marijuana use is incompatible with learning with us. You are wasting your resources by thinking otherwise. Attempting to combine our classes with continued use is delusional and could even cause deeper psychological issues. It would be best to explore the drug use in an honest, forthright way until the experience is exhausted, then come to the Light for rehabilitation. That would be spiritual growth. If that is your interest, we are better off to respectfully going our own way.

 Addictions in general take us away from our true self while convincing us that we experiencing truth. The drug may even appear to us as a spiritual being or advisor and, in some cases, give the illusion that it is fulfilling our desires. Marijuana has a way of developing an imposter self that we think is our true self. Besides the addictive false self, we are moving further from our heart and truth into a spiritual deception.  We then are using the drug with the intention of manipulating spirit to align with illusion of self. This action has consequence in the cause and effect of karmic law. It is like placing a curse of judgment on yourself that disconnects you from your spiritual source. Spirit, as unconditional love, steps back and waits, but does not enter into your delusional state. So, we do not actually damage our deepest spirit, we just can’t get there from where we are. This means, that any belief we have, in the drug state, that we are conversing with God, Jesus, Buddha, angles, Krishna, Al That Is, or whatever, is in some way illusory and deceptive. We are talking to a deceptive phantom. Hopefully it is just your own creation and it is not inhabited by an outside force.

There is an obvious following question concerning other recreational drugs like cocaine, meth, heroin, speed, etc. These drugs usually aren’t confused with spiritual growth, so they are what they are. However, mescaline, peyote, ayahuasca and the like are represented as spiritual paths. Each realm has a purpose and function. Each of those substances takes us to its own realm. Those are not the realms we aspire to in the Mystery School and other classes we teach, yet they may be karmically correct, in this lifetime, for those that adhere to those paths. If you are working with one of these paths and want to join the Mystery School, we suggest that you complete you work with that group or teacher, then continue with the Mystery School when you have finished. Each soul has its destiny on the planet and that is always right, at least for now. Since we are meeting in the Mystery School, we have experienced many ways and it is our nature to want to go beyond and go further into the higher realms. So, let us go further than the use of substance or any other authority that is external to us. The essential way is to first seek the holiness within, and all else will be added. We are here to truly learn who and what we are. The promised answer is in your soul and through your soul into spirit, into all love.

 These concerns are not a problem as applied to prescription drugs that you are taking under the guidance of your physicians are. If you are working with a medical doctor or psychiatrist on emotional and mental concerns, you may want to consult with your doctor as you progress through the classes.
•    The situation that arises for us most comes from individuals who are using marijuana on a regular basis for recreational or medical reasons and are interested in enrolling in Mystery School One or one of our other courses. In this case, we ask that you refrain from using at least two weeks (sometimes we make exceptions) before the class begins and wait two weeks after before using again. This allows you to experience the class and decide if you want to build on the benefit you received. If you decide to continue, you can use the Mystery School commitment to change.
•    If you are with a group or teacher that uses mescaline, peyote, or ayahuasca as a plant medicine, we advise that you not participate in our work at this time. Consciousness altering substances, have been a positive stepping stone for many of our students. If your experience in Mystery School or another of our classes resonates with you and you want to continue, you need to know that continuing with plant medicines is incompatible. 
•    If you are working with a medical doctor or psychiatrist on emotional and mental concerns, you may want to consult with your doctor as you progress through the classes.
•    We ask that you refrain from using alcohol during the Mystery School.