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Noetic Balancing combines ancient wisdom and modern psychology in service to contemporary therapeutic needs. Noetic refers to the fabric of existence, merging love and intelligence as an available sentient presence. The noetic field is the field of energy that reflects our physical, emotional, mental, archetypal and spiritual dimensions that surrounds and fills the physical body. Spiritual centers, called chakras in yoga psychology, integrate this field and the systems of the physical body. These centers correspond with specific psychological structures. Blocks and distortions in the flow of this energy are caused by judgments that we made, or beliefs that we constructed, in response to challenging or traumatic events. The blocks and distortions affect our sense of center, clarity, resilience, well-being and balance, and often present as psychological issues. Each issue, or block, serves a deeper intentional soul aim to awaken us to a greater sense of center, wisdom, love or power. Thus, balancing the noetic field furthers our sense of actualization and fulfillment.  As our attachment to our limiting beliefs and judgments are transformed, we often have spontaneous awareness of the soul's intention, wisdom, spiritual realities and a greater sense of well-being.

The noetic balancing process occurs through the spiritual alignment and presence of the practitioner, the rapport of the client and the practitioner, and the collaboration with higher consciousness. The practitioner assists the client to be aware of beliefs and judgments that cause the blocks and distortions in the noetic field. The practitioner also holds a spiritual focus while the client resolves the blockages through self-forgiveness. As the balancing process proceeds, the awakening spirituality of the client becomes increasingly apparent.

In contrast to most therapies Noetic Balancing is not a “fix-it” approach, rather the resolution of the issue transforms reality, supporting greater center, balance, resilience and sense of self as Soul. Transformation occurs by changing the context that creates, promotes or allows the psychological issue or physical imbalance.  (For a complete enquiry into Noetic Balancing see: Eyes Made of Soul: Theory and Practice of Noetic Balancing by Robert Waterman, available from  A French translation is available: Voir Avec L’Ame : Théorie et Pratique de l’Équilibrage Noétique, Robert Waterman, The Book Edition, ).


The course consists of three, four day modules. Developing as a noetic balancer requires a combination of how you are present in your consciousness, the technique of balancing, lots of practice and ongoing supervision with colleagues and mentors. In the interim time between each module, each students is expected to do at least six practice balancing's between each module, preferably with another student as witness.

Prerequiste: Mystery School One, Two and Three

In order to enroll, fill out the application when you pay the deposit. The application will be reviewed for acceptance in the program.  Registering is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program.

Noetic Balancing One

We learn the basic skills and techniques for engaging and balancing the noetic field. Presentations and discussions on the elements of balancing are followed by practice in groups of 2 or 3, depending on class configuration. We supplement lecture, discussion and practice with guided processes.


Noetic Balancing Two, Three and Four

In a clinical “fish bowl,” we practice the consciousness and skills of balancing with invited volunteer clients. Each student will do a balancing during each module, while observing classmate’s work. We debrief as a group after each session.

In The Noetic Balancing Practitioner Training you will:

  • Continue the spiritual foundation that began in the Mystery School
  • Gain the skills and foundational consciousness to do Noetic Balancing
  • Clarify and strengthen your alignment with higher consciousness
  • Strengthen you in your soul-center as a spiritual counselor, practitioner, or mentor
  • Develop your spiritual perception and way of knowing
  • Refine your ability to access the realms of living love and engage the Noetic Field as the curative medium
  • Awaken to Soul’s Curriculum, how you create, promote or allow everything in your life for your upliftment, growth and education
  • Augment your ability in related fields (i.e. psychotherapist, body worker, etc.) as a helping practitioner


Upon completion of the Noetic Field Therapy Practitioner Training, you will receive a certificate attesting to your completion of the program. Building on your experience in the class requires your continuing to practice and seek supervision and peer review. You will also be invited to join the Association of Noetic Balancing Practitioners (NBP, formally Association of Noetic Field Therapist) which offers annual conferences and advanced course and study in the subtle energy fields and advanced techniques in energy balancing and energy therapy.

$1250 per module (if paid by 30 days before class) $1450 after 30 days , a deposit of $500 holds your place for each module.  Plus 7.125% New Mexico Tax for all of the prices above.


See our schedule of Upcoming Classes

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