Many Faces of Love- Robert Waterman explores "loving presence" as the common thread uniting all therapies at the 2015 Transformation and Healing Conference of Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Essentials of Transformational Education-Transformation is a change in form, structure, understanding, or way of behaving that results in more loving.  In the transformative classroom, regardless of the subject, we are always exploring the thesis that reality is collaborative and that the key to transforming ourselves and thus society comes through our continual discovery of the reflexivity of life. When learning is heart-based, each new development of knowledge, skill or attitude is charged with loving energy. Drawing from my 40 years of experience, we will explore the essential of transformational education from a how to perspective.

Essentials of Transformational Education Part I

Essentials of Transformational Education Part II

Noetic Balancing-Theory, Application, Demonstration of Noetic Balancing.

New Heaven and New Earth: The Reflexive Power of the Soul

When we look out from our present, everything we see with our physical eyes is coming from the past. Bohm's quantum physics posits that no cause is local, present being local. Cause unfolds from the implicate order (physics) or heaven (metaphysics). The future approaches us "invisibly" from everywhere. We are the measure of this transformation. In the reflexive relationship between soul and soul of the world, as as we awaken to the new heaven within us, the new earth unfolds around us. As we are able to sense into the invisible dimensions, we awaken to the ability to collaborate with our possible future. We will explore perspectives and practices that awaken within us the reflexive power of the soul.

New Heaven and New Earth Part I

New Heaven and New Earth Part II