Mystery School Course

Presented by Robert Waterman & Karey Thorne

We present the mystery school in three sequential four day modules. Each one will be a separate event and, though you will need to take them in sequence, you will not have to register for the entire set in order to take one.

About the Mystery School

Our teaching continues to be by a spiritual presence that lifts and introduces each of us to increasingly deeper levels of true self. We follow a soul-centered process in which we discover our innate ageless wisdom and resolve limiting beliefs and cultural thought forms that restrict or distort the natural soul’s expression through our mind, emotions, imagination and physical body. Love is the true transformer and is the basis that makes all else possible. This is a profound process in which learning to live in the present is a key. We demystify our lives in order to reveal the mystery of life. Each module explores aspects of our journey inward into soul and outward into graceful living.