Donations or Tithes


All donations and tithes will be used for partial scholarships  for people to take classes that are listed on this website.

All donations and tithes are tax deductible (check with your tax expert to make sure it’s deductible for you) and go to the Quimby Amenti Scholarship Foundation which is a 501 (c) 3.

Please use our PayPal link to donate or tithe. We ask that you note whether it is a tithe or donation. You also can pay with a credit card on the PayPal link if you prefer.

Tithing is an ancient practice in which ten-percent of our increase is given to your spiritual source. The ratio is a formula of cooperation and manifestation between our material and spiritual existence. The key to tithing is gratitude and opens a spiritual flow of grace and prosperity, which results in financial increase and well-being. We honor this ratio in our work in that we consider the work priceless and tuition supports us to live in terms of the laws of this planet. We have talents; however, the work is done by spirit through the presence of the work. If you consider this value as your “spiritual source,” consider tithing.