Amenti Mystery School - Provides services and educational experiences that: Develop the understanding and skill to live a soul-centered life, combine the best of the quantum field science, modern psychology, spiritual understanding and Noetic Science, Teach courses that facilitate in-depth experiential learning in the ancient mysteries, spiritual science and Noetic field therapy.

Quimby Amenti Foundation

Quimby Amenti Foundation - the Quimby Amenti Foundation's mission is to help you awaken to the potential of your holiness in the simplest and most direct way possible.


Noetic Balancing - Noetic Balancing, used by the ancient ones commonly called ‘aura balancing’, restores you to the matrix of unconditional loving that exists in you and around you to resolve issues in your energy field.


European Noetic Field Therapy Web Site - a group which was formed to enable its members to unite their forces, to facilitate their interactions, provide a platform for study and exchanges, and inform the public of its activities. The activities of the group are open to people trained or training in Noetic Field Therapy.

Southwestern College - The mission of Southwestern College is “Transforming Consciousness Through Education.” Southwestern College is a progressive training institution and graduate school which draws upon ancient world wisdom, modern social science, and current developments in the fields of counseling, psychology, art therapy, neurobiology, quantum physics and conscious leadership.