Centering in Living Love

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Lavendar trees.JPG

Centering in Living Love

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Presented by Robert Waterman &  Karey Thorne

Saturday, June 17th 9:30 - 5:00
Sunday, June 18th 9:30 - 4:00
Austin Area - Texas Hill Country

As the challenges loom seemingly larger and more devious, our opportunity increases. 

The essence of human existence is that the all present love that we call God, the unconditional love that allows infinite creation, lives through us as a personal experience. We call it living love. When our fear turns it conditional love, we experience judgement, hate, violence, control. It is still living love only reversed. Our choice. We livenow when an eternity of reversals cycle back at once. As we emerge from a cycle of separation, fear as a basis of choice will subside as we center in truth, in living love. The more we hold on to what is familiar, the more fear clings to power. We live in a time of great opportunity in which the specter of life will reflect us into the core of our loving. If we let it, if we choose it. We will explore and practice the ways and means of the power of love. 

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